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Well, where can I begin? I don't want this to be the usual pathetic page where Italy is praised and adored by me. I will simply provide certain arguments to convince you of the power and greatness of this mighty country, without forcing you to accept anything. Just keep on reading and consider my arguments; if you are then convinced you will have learned something.

When you think of Italy what do you think about? It's quite simple: pizza, pasta, good weather, beautiful cities, ehm...mafia. All of these, except the last one, are only some of Italy's amazing wonders.
Let's take pasta for example. Who hasn't eaten it at least once? It's a rich and nutrient dish, which covers all the energetic and proteic needs of the human body, which is to say that it's very good for our body. Pasta nowadays has taken various different directions in different countries: in Italy is still the traditional one, while in the US is now also sold with strange stuff like pineapple, cucumber, etc. In some other countries there are local sauces made for pasta which are not Italian. This shows how pasta has truly become a worldwide dish, enetering the different cultures and traditions.

Another true symbol of Italy's presence worldwide is PIZZA!!! Who hasn't eaten this delicious dish at least once? Anywhere in the world, one can find pizza (even though not always the true Italian one) and taste the magnificent marriage between mozzarella cheese, tomato and other various ingredients. As in the case of pasta, this dish has undergone some "weird" transformations in certian countries, where the pizzas offered contain new ingredients.

Moving onto good weather. Let's ask ourselves where we would rather spend the summer holidays: on some rainy beach here in the UK or in some idyllic resort in sunny Italy? The choice is yours, but my experience tells me that people that travel to Italy immediately fall in love with ita climate and its natural beauties - as well as the food. So if you need to go on a diet, I do not recommend my country as the best place to start one.

I have now decided to further expand this page by providing useful links to the beauties of Italy, useful information about the country and a whole section about holidays in Italy. Check this page soon for the final result!







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